Startups have joined this initiative to:

  Enter new rural markets

  Expand their reach in these markets

  Pilot a product or service

  Leverage the network and refine their execution strategies

  Fulfill their CSR objectives

Startups that have joined our initiative –


  Market place for farmers to directly sell their produce to cities thereby eliminating the need for middlemen in the network and buyers getting an access to high-quality crops.

  Our team supported Agrikal by connecting them with one of the largest cashew processing villages in Andhra Pradesh which gave them an opportunity to expand their operations to rural markets.

  Benefit to the village: Increased cashew output from 50kgs/week to 500kgs/week.

It’s a marketplace for farmers which specializes in B2B connect through their software platform thereby, eliminating the need for middlemen in the network and buyers getting an access to high-quality crops. In Bhimavaram (a city in West Godavari district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh) they are trying to work with farmers working over 5 different crops to establish a direct market connect to them which would help the farmers connect to more buyers and in turn increasing their income. 


  Cfog uses green energy and IoT based computing ecosystem to transform aquaculture by mitigating risk.

  Our team supported CFog to establish a sensor in an aqua pond, which made a huge impact to the aqua farmer in the village. This landed CFOG a partnership with the Govt. of Fisheries, giving them an opportunity to scale across the state of Andhra Pradesh.

They use IoT based computing ecosystem to collect data (Oxygen, Temperature and pH range) required for the farmers and store it in the cloud and notify the farmer on a periodic basis via an app so that he could take preventive measures to monitor the pond. In Bhimavaram they would setting up their sensors in the pond to mitigate risk and help in real-time monitoring of the pond.


They provide cloud-based solutions to aqua farmers which would reduce their risk during feeding and help in better monitoring of the pond. In Bhimavaram they would be setting up floating robots in the pond which would distribute the feed equally by measuring the feed required with the help of a sensor placed in the pond. 

ISF Technologies

They develop on-farm diagnostic equipment for aqua farmers which analyzes the water parameters in their fields. In Bhimavaram they would be setting up their low-cost sensor called AquaPrime in the pond, to provide predictive data analytics and automation to farms, for a profitable and sustainable aqua culture business. 


They work on confronting problems of Indian Schools by building alumni communities and their collective philanthropy. In Bhimavaram they would be working with alumni’s of some prominent schools and with their help solve the problems the school has been facing for a long time.

Let’s Endorse

Let’s Endorse is helping us build a website to help promote Homestays and Trek Groups that were supported as part of the post-disaster livelihood program by Himmotthan, a Tata Trusts NGO working in Uttarakhand.

On ground partners

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