About the Fellowships

We believe that passionate young individuals who are willing to work at the grass root level can bring about positive impact and transformation in their communities with their zeal and innovative thinking. These tiny ripples potentiate a sea change in the social and economic fabric of our communities, and going forward, across our entire country.

Training and Placement

The fellowship will bring many challenging experiences for the fellows. Startup Gurukool provides Fellows with extensive training, mentoring and support throughout the course of the Fellowship. This training would help the Fellows gain the desired knowledge, skills and mindsets to lead and execute the project in the villages.

  Part 1: 2 weeks in Bengaluru aims to equip the fellows on curriculum, framework and the know-how required to setup a Startup Gurukool and run it in a village. The fellows are introduced to various StartUps, on-ground partners (NGOs) and support team. They are encouraged to identify their own project areas and draw out an implementation plan under the guidance of their program mentors.

  Part 2: 6 weeks in an allocated location. This is the pilot stage where fellows are closely guided and empowered to execute their chosen projects

 Part 3: 1 week in Bengaluru/Delhi/on-site to complete their orientation, present the work, get trained by selected startups and create detailed implementation plans

 Provide 4-5 start-ups and social entrepreneurs access to rural markets.

 Enable creation of 50-100, micro-entrepreneurs and jobs in villages.

 Re-vitalize 1 village level enterprise or co-operatives (example handloom, local artisans, agriculture) and generate at-least $1,000 (Rupees 65,000/-) additional revenue for them.

 Develop secondary leaders, build local capacities and develop case studies for future expansion.

 Develop a process to sustain initiatives and build a scale plan for adoption throughout the state and others parts of India.

 Opportunity to present at the ‘1M1B for SDGs’ annual event organized by the 1M1B Foundation at the United Nations in New York.

 Get mentored and trained by senior experts from the industry, government and development sector.

 After the 6 months of leadership training and immersive village experience, the fellows will be encouraged to start their own social venture with an opportunity to pitch the idea to senior investors of FISE (Foundation for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship).

 Grow your network by working with leading startups and social entrepreneurs from across the world.

This training program is mandatory for all the fellows.

After successful completion of the orientation and training, selected fellows will be assigned a location to establish the Startup Gurukool. At the end of the fellowship period, a maximum of 3 StartUp Gurukool Fellows will be selected to present at the ‘1M1B for SDG’ event at the United Nations, New York in April 2018.

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